Can I choose a photographer Team Fotorotastudio?

It is possible to choose a photographer of the studio, you can view the "portfolio" of each photographer directly in the "photographers" of the site. The exclusive booking for one of the photographers of the studio is subject to availability and the date of booking. For this reason it is advisable to book in advance, especially for dates in the periods between May and September.

It is possible to have a proposal detailing for the cost of your services?

Of course, you can submit a request form from the site "estimate request" and fill out the required information. In a short time we will answer to your request communicate details and information about our services and products with the costs and promotions. To get the accurate information and detailed you'll want to specify in the application as many details about your marriage and any your specific requests.

Handed over all the files in high resolution?

Yes, you can request a CD with all files in high resolution including artwork During and used to print the album. The CD can be requested and delivered after the wedding at the end of the different phases. The cost for the CD with all files in JPG HQ (high resolution) to "forfait" is € 100.00. For all services already included the CD slideshow with all the photos in PDF format.

Which is mainly your photographic style?

Our style of photography is mainly that of reportage. We try to document the most of every moment of the day without ever interrupting the scene to get the photos we try to capture the most spontaneous and the most exciting and full of intensity. Moments like dressing and preparation of the couple, the ceremony and reception will be photographed discreetly and in a natural way without poses, without the complicity of the subject. For photos to the newlyweds instead (always if required) is usually performed in the location of the reception with some guidance and suggestion laying but always so simple and fun. If you want photos posing and more driven for example with friends and relatives can communicate before the wedding when will program with the "planning" of the day.

Taken in RAW or JPG?

For technical reasons our photographers take always in "RAW"; anyway versions files as the "JPG" you will always be able to process and export it later. With the sale of the original files in high resolution will be given all the pictures in "JPG HQ" so you can not have the files in "RAW".

Keep a copy or backup of photos and videos even after the delivery of the work?

Yes, we have an archive of Backup function and optimized, this service is designed to provide access to original files for many years following the delivery of the album and the video for reprinting or other processes. The studio has kept every single work since 1970. The Backup copies are transferred to both HD and BR-Disc ensuring an archive digital and secure up to 10 / 15year. In any case, you can request a copy of the files in HQ on CD (see delivery high quality files).

How long will wait for my first album and the video?

To processing time and delivery, we recommend you follow the directions on the timing in the different phases that will be communicated to Marry. We are organized to deliver your album and video in about 4 months from the date of the marriage, in detail:

About a month after the wedding you can pick up and see all the photos taken from the comfort of your PC or tablet with a file that will be delivered in an elegant package. After choosing the photos (about 4 weeks after delivery of the CD), the choice of the album (you can choose size, pattern, cover, number of pages etc ..). After about a month you will see a preview of the "draft" of the project before the release of the album and make further changes if necessary. Since the adoption of the "draft" of the album we proceed to the press and about three weeks after the delivery. The service with video DVD copies provided in the promotional package will be delivered together with the album.

What kind of equipment and cameras used?

Fotorotastudio every season invests heavily in equipment and video cameras used for services. Date equipment and cutting-edge performance with high quality. The photographers of the studio are all equipped with the latest digital generation cameras with sensors FULL-FRAME and professional optical zoom with f2.8 aperture and focal length lenses with apertures up to f1.4 to ensure the best results even in low light conditions or in low lighting. Brands: NIKON but also CANON and SONY. All equipment is regularly checked in the service centers.

How many photos taken on your wedding day?

In every photoshoot the shots are unlimited or not counted a specific number (minimum / maximum) but are taken all necessary photographs to document the most important moments of the wedding. In general for a whole full marriage (by dressing receipt included) are delivered around 1200/1500 images.

How many hours are available on the wedding day?

Offriamo la massima disponibilità anche per la permanenza il giorno del matrimonio, assicurandoci che vengano documentati i momenti più importanti senza tralasciare nulla. Nel dettaglio, per i matrimoni con cerimonia di mattina e pranzo dalle ore 09.00 alle 19.00 circa, per i matrimoni con cerimonia nel pomeriggio e cena dalle 14.00 alle 24.00 circa. Per esigenze diverse ed eventuali prolungamenti di orario è possibile concordare direttamente con i fotografi dello studio prima del matrimonio.

How early is best to book the photoshoot?

Usually it is advisable to book at least 6/8 months before the wedding date. Our studio receives reservations even 1/2 years before thanks to customer loyalty. It is advised to make an appointment in the studio without obligation and book as soon as possible if you have already set the wedding date. Is advisable to book ahead for weddings that will take place in the months of May, June, July, September, October and Saturday. Recall that the unique choice of a photographer of the study is subject to the booking date. (See exclusive choice of a photographer of the study)

Do you take trips even if my marriage will not be close to your study?

Yes, our study is organized for trips outside the region and throughout Italy. The historical site of the study is in Lecco (LC) Lake Como but there are no problems to follow video and photo services outside the area. For those who not had a chance to reach the study can "ONLINE" and via the web to make: the booking, payment, delivery and viewing of photos, our collections and catalogs of albums for the choice of covers and materials . For travel will be given a quote with costs that may depending on the distance and the days used for the photo and / or video and travel. (See "Request a detailed quote")

You are retouched photographs?

One of the most important phases in the implementation of our album is just the editing. To get the best quality results and printing, every single photograph on the album is retouched. For "touch-up" means an intervention of optimization of files to obtain for each image the best tone, color and contrast. The editing should not affect the result of the image and the characteristics of the subject creating a result artifact so our retouch is secluded to enhance images or for specific topics as portraits, face, skin, clothes, or even to delete items disturbing or unpleasant subjects in the scene, all while maintaining fidelity to the original shot.

You also made the video service for the wedding?

Yes, Fotorotastudio offers a full service video report of the entire event. With a new style and modern video wedding following all stages of marriage with dynamic sequences and a mounting specially designed to enable you to relive the best moments in a completely natural and engaging. It is also the custom soundtrack and interactive menu with chapters. Videographers are close collaborators of the study for many years and work in perfect harmony with the photographers. You can see the "demo" of our videos in the "video report" of the site. Video of your wedding in FULL-HD for the highest quality and entirely made in cinema style with relfex digital and high definition objectives. The video will be delivered with copies DVD and Blu-ray Disc in addition to version "full" version and PC / USB. Request more information and a quote without any commitment.

Is possible have only the photos on CD without printing the album?

Yes, Fotorotastudio suggests also more reports with the delivery of high quality files on CD without printing the album. Service photos on CD you can also book for hours, usually offer: up to 4 hours - up to 6 hours - throughout the event (09/10 hours). And is possible to request a quote according to the hours of service. For the service only PHOTOS + CD without album, is handed a package that includes: - Files in HQ (high resolution for print) - Files in LQ (low resolution for web use) - Files with version BN processed in HQ (High resolution a selection of the best photos with processing in Black and White and other effects) - File PDF presentation "slide show" with a number of files - a "Web Gallery", is a specially created web gallery with a selection of the best photos to share immediately after the wedding with friends and family. The "web gallery" will always remain online.

Who selects the photo album?

The selection of photos for the album will be made by the couple from home through a "slide show" visible on PC or Tablet. You'll be guided to facilitate the selection of the photo number and with some specific indications, in this way you will be able to express their preference for the photo that you like and you want to include in your album. A more accurate technique and will then be made by the operators of Fotorotastudio directed to create a complete story and make sure it does not lack the highlights and the most important of marriage.

If some guest takes pictures on your wedding day, creating problems?

We generally recommend that only photographers in charge of the studio to do the photo shoot your wedding day. Especially in times where we need more concentration and discretion as during the ceremony. Fotorotastudio not prevent photographs from being taken by other people such as relatives and guests, as long as they comply with the execution of the service without hindering the highlights in the movements of the photographer responsible. Especially during the ceremony, cake cutting and other times it is important that they are not used to prevent various flash illuminators or alter the result of light and color in photographs. It recommends discretion and cooperation in the interest of the success of the service.

How can I pay?

Is possible to make payments with bank transfers (IBAN request), or directly at our studio with checks and credit cards: VISA - MASTERCARD - MAESTRO - ATM. (No Americanexpress)

If we move in foreign country after the wedding you can send the album?

Even if you move abroad after the wedding we can send albums, CDs and videos with the loyal service delivery by our couriers. For shipments abroad will be counted the costs subject to the country of destination. The shipping costs are always excluded. If you chose the photo shoot HQ + Files without album we can send the "folders with images" by We-Transfer avoiding other more additional shipping costs.

I have to pay a deposit on booking?

Payment of services photo and video is placed in the following manner: 1st deposit 400 € with a reservation service photos or 600 € for booking services photo + video. 2nd deposit usually 500/700 € the delivery of photos with PDF proof approximately one month after the date of marriage. 3rd payment for the remaining balance of the delivery of the work. (See Processing times and delivery)

You can not divulge my photographs on the web and social?

Certainly it is your decision and is already foreseen in our contract. You only have to communicate during the booking process in this case we will not use pictures of your wedding on the internet, social networks and web gallery.