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Luxury Album

The exclusive Album of FOTOROTASTUDIO

The Albums o Fotorotastudio are made with a unique and unmistakable style to ensure the best quality and care. The focus in creating products of prestige has always been among the priorities of the studio. Demand the best for your wedding, ask one of our albums, the greatest value is to share with people you care about most printed images and memories of one of the best days of your life.

A line of album entirely customized to Fotorotastudio with high quality materials such as leather, leather and fabrics. Printing, binding and finishing decorated down to the smallest details during the various stages of processing. A wide selection of models and styles for the wedding album you've always wanted. Among the different styles you can choose the line "Photobook" undoubtedly the most innovative new, fully customizable with many sizes such as 30x40, 40x30, 35x35, 30x30, 40x40, 30x45 and choice to print the number of pages (20.25, 30,40p.). Besides the "traditional" with photos applied and the line "passepartout" for lovers of tradition.

The realization of your album

Quality and attention to detail

The quality and attention to detail in every stage of processing

You can follow the various stages of processing with the staff of Fotorotastudio customizing the most of your album. The selection of images that you can do in front of a comfort PC or Tablet, the choice of the album format and number of pages, the cover of your album with a wide choice of colors and patterns and with matching accessories, the layout of album completely personalized with elegant graphics and dynamic with the chance to see the preview monitor, or "on-line" before printing.

To ensure the best printing result all the images are retouched and optimized, you can choose the photo print with matte surfaces, playful, with UV treatment and metal. Accurate control ensures the highest quality printing.

The covers with exclusive materials

Elegant lines and customized

The covers for your albums

Each album is completely customizable with materials, colors and details. You can choose even after the marriage of over one hundred different covers with many shades of color from white and neutral colors to the colors more intense and determined. Small details like the customizable plate with engraved names, initials embossed or a stylish picture on the cover. A new album collection was specially designed and built for Fotorotastudio with quality materials such as leather, fabrics with unique colors and exclusive.

Matching accessories

Album coordinated, Wedding BOX, Web Gallery

Album coordinated, Wedding BOX, Web Gallery

With promotional packages of Fotorotastudio you receive matching accessories like the "wedding box" an elegant box hard to contain and display your albums. The "wedding box" and completely customizable with graphics, photos, text and you can choose the colors of the back and satin ribbon.

Albums coordinated for families. A couple of albums printed on photo paper that reproduce the entire wedding album in a pretty and practical format. Is possible print the cover with a photo on canvas. The "gallery web" a website made with a selection of the best pictures of your wedding to be shared with friends and relatives immediately after the wedding. The "web gallery" can be viewed from any PC or mobile device.

"Tilia" printing on wood

Decorate your home with custom printing

Direct printing on wood and many other media

With FOTOROTA Service you can decorate your home with custom printing on a variety of media such as canvas, aluminum, pvc and the new releases of wood, stand elegant and refined.

"Tilia" is a direct printing on wood personalized with photographs of your wedding embellished with an elegant frame. Available sizes 70x70 - 100x70 - 140x70. You can also request only printing frame and adapt custom frames with many colors and finishes.

New style album IRON

Unique details customized and innovative materials and stylish

New style album IRO

An original design, the finest materials and the highest level of craftsmanship. Combined with the possibility of unique customizations. Delivered in an elegant box for display, with more than 50 colors to choose from and materials, fabrics and unique details.

Elegant details and customizable

A new style of albums among the most prestigious. The steel plate, USB sticks, tape, marking dry, make your album unique and prestigious.

A new line of albums among the most prestigious

The album as a jewel of the amount reported in a stylish case with transparent covers and innovative and exclusive materials.